Our mission is simple: to take all of the podcasting tasks off your shoulders, so podcasting can finally be fun!

MattLinkedInMy name is Matt Mawhinney and I started PodAssist in 2015 when I left my corporate job to help my brother produce his daily podcast. I knew other podcasters who loved hosting their podcast, connecting with new people around the world and getting their message out to their audience. BUT …


They hated doing everything else it took to produce a podcast!

  • They didn’t want to learn the ins and outs of editing software and other programs like ID3 taggers…
  • Having to re-listen to the episode to edit took additional hours from their week (time that could have been spent building a personal brand)!
  • They want sound clips pulled from an episode to give their audience a preview of upcoming episode, but don’t want to go through the whole file to find and pull them…
  • Need show notes? Not sure what to use as an official title? We’re listening and will provide you with the copy and title suggestions that would make the most impact!
  • Uploading the file to a host site and setting it all up for release when you want it to go out – we’ll do that for you!

The problem? Finding an AFFORDABLE  and RELIABLE way to get these things done for you. Most podcasters want relief but they don’t want to spend a fortune getting it, and they want to feel assured knowing who is actually working on their file and that it is going to air when it’s supposed to. We’re a small (but mighty!) team of 3,  but with about 5,000 completed and published episodes now under our belts, we know the importance of a deadline – and doing what we say we’re going to do!




We offer affordable “done for you” podcasting services to take care of your needs – regardless of what they are! Click here to view the post-production services that we provide, and send an email to to let us know what you need (and who you heard about us from)!

*As we’re a small team,  the number of clients we can work with at any one time is limited. If we can’t help you right now, we can recommend someone else in the podcast production industry that we know and trust – so please reach out!