Podcast Services & Pricing

Below are the services that we currently provide and are included with each episode:

    • We are a full-time, dedicated team that doesn’t outsource any work to a third-party.  We offer our services to a select number of clients, with full ongoing support (by email or Zoom Meetings) provided – and one point of contact for you!
    • Dropbox/Google Drive set up for easy file sharing
    • Full editing of audio, at normal (1X) speed – second-by-second and no rushing through! (adjusting volume levels for host/guest, removing noise distortions, clicks/hisses/pauses/fillers/repeated words/long pauses and profanity, if required).
    • Mixing of intro, outros, transition sounds, sponsorships etc., mastering and matching final file to loudness standards for podcasts
    • Convert file to MP3, and resize to save storage space
    • Add the ID3 tag (metadata) for branding/informational purposes
    • Uploading of file to hosting site (i.e. Libsyn, Buzzsprout, etc.) and schedule for publishing
    • Provide customized show notes (with bio, major points, quotes, interview links, title suggestions & whatever copy you require)!
    • Select and pull audio clips from your episode for you to use for promotion

Our current price per regular episode is $182.25 USD *prices include up to 45 minutes of edited audio per episode

*replay/”best of” episodes being re-aired billed at a reduced rate of $57.25 USD each

Need to skip an episode(s) of your podcast? No problem – life happens! Need to take a break, or run your podcast seasonally? We only charge you for the work we do (with no monthly retaining fee/no automatic billing).


Don’t have a podcast yet, but you’re looking to start one? We can help you launch and set your show up, with full support and coaching (through Zoom meetings & by email) from the concept stage to your show going live. Package includes set up/audit of host site, mixing of intro/outros and trailer episode for promotion,  submission  to podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, etc.), and more! We recommend a pre-launch runway of at least 4 to 6 weeks for all new shows, and a one-time charge of $997 USD applies for all clients launching a podcast, for which payment is required prior to the starting of services *subject to availability